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We Accept Consignment
Monday - Friday 11:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Saturday by Appointment Only


Consignment Policy

Seasons: We accept Spring & Summer items January through June. We accept Fall & Winter items August through January - except for fur coats, jackets and stoles which we accept September through January - when we have the best window of opportunity to sell them.

Pricing Merchandise for Sale: We establish ALL sale prices. Our goal is to make as much money as possible - both for you, the consignor, and for ourselves - while at the same time providing a great value to our customers! We want your items to sell! Experience has shown us that by setting initial prices at approximately 75% below full retail in the local market, we get our best turnover of merchandise. We strive to provide prices in this range to our customers on a very consistent basis. In setting prices, we also take into account neatness, wear, style and the seasonality of the items accepted. We typically keep items on sale for 90 days while in season. After items have been on sale for 30 days, we'll reduce their price by about 10%, after 45 days by about 15%, and after 60 days by about 30%. Consigned items have 60 days to sell before the merchandise becomes the property of Cool Kids Consignment. Thereafter, we generally keep products on sale for only another 30 days. At the end of 90 days, we typically donate unsold merchandise to causes like Christian Help though we retain the right to donate to any specific charity or need of our choice. Once items have been accepted for consignment, they will not be returned to the consignor for any reason without a separate and specific agreement ahead of time. 

Dividing Sales Revenue: We split the revenue earned from sales on a 60% / 40% basis with our consignors. That is for every dollar we collect on sales of your items (based on final sales price), 40% will be credited to your account. Consignors' accounts remain active for 6 months after the final expiration date on the consignor's latest consignment; this applies to both sales and purchase transactions. Inactive accounts forfeit any money remaining in the account to Cool Kids Consignment. For your convenience, you may also use money in your account to purchase items in our store. If you choose to receive a check, this will be cut on the 20th day of the month each month; we cut checks only upon request. Consignors are responsible for picking up their checks at the store.

General Guidelines on Products We Accept for Consignment

Clothing:  We accept kids' clothing and shoes sized to fit newborns through juniors (infants through pre-teens); and in our women's department we accept sizes 0 through 3X.

Fall/Winter clothing appointments include: Formal wear (ladies, boys suits, girls pageant dress), pants, long-sleeved shirts, jackets, coats, ski clothes, & hoodies, long-sleeved dresses, skirts, & jeans as well as boots and shoes in season. 

Spring/Summer clothing appointments include: Seasonal dresses, short-sleeved shirts, skirts, shorts, lightweight pants, capris, lightweight jackets and hoodies as well as shoes and sandals in season.

Be sure to check the list of brands that we don't take. Branded clothing is preferred and sells more quickly; the availability of quality, branded items is the reason why many people shop for consigned merchandise.
Shoes are a tricky business. If possible, we are even more particular about shoes than any of the other items we will accept. They truly must be "like new". Almost any wear that shows on shoes will make them unsuitable items to place for consignment.

Gear:   All toys and equipment must be clean, like new, and with all pieces. Batteries must be included in toys that need them, or we will not accept the item. Here are some examples of items which we do accept:

Pack ā€˜Nā€™ Plays, joggers, backpacks, strollers, bassinets, swings, high chairs, Exersaucers & bouncy seats. 

Toys:  Large outdoor & indoor toys such as Little Tikes equipment, picnic tables, playhouses, climbers, slides, wagons, battery powered cars, and such.

Furniture:  Changing tables, dressers, tables & chair sets, rockers, gliders, toddler beds, and such.  We will accept cribs, as well; but we will not accept any cribs that may be in a recall status.

Miscellaneous Items:  We take many different kinds of items related to our main business. Here are some examples: Nursery/baby items (monitors, diaper bags, bathtubs and such), linens (for crib and children's beds), children's books, DVDs and music for kids and parents, seasonal items (Halloween, Easter and such), and women's designer purses. This list is not meant to be all inclusive. If you have a question about a specific item you'd like to place with us, please call: 304-292-7467.

What can't you sell through us?
While we accept a long list of items for consignment, there are a few items which we cannot accept. These include: Car seats, diaper dispensers, breast pumps, VHS tapes, underware and stuffed animals. If you have questions, once again, please call: 304-292-7467.